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A-1 Lawn & Grounds Maintenance, Inc. provides full service landscaping to Portland, OR. Lawn care can be viewed as a scientific process to some. The grass in your lawn should be cut to a certain length to ensure it retains the water it needs to stay green and healthy. When the grass is cut too short, it can lead to water loss, insect damage, and weed infestation.

With the wide variety of lawn care services that A1 provides, our contractors will make sure your lawn looks presentable and welcoming every time. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our friendly service and detailed workmanship. Our affordable pricing is great for those who do not want to over-spend on lawn care services.

If you are considering giving your lawn a landscaping makeover, or just simply want to start a scheduled lawn care service such as lawn mowing, A1 Lawn & Ground Maintenance is here for you to cover all of your lawn care needs. Give us a call for a quote and schedule your next appointment today.

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